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Ticino - the sunny part of Switzerland
Ticino is Switzerland’s southernmost canton. When our visitors first see all the palm trees reaching up towards the sun they just know they are in for a great holiday. Besides the significant UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bellinzona (the Three Castles above Bellinzona) and Monte San Giorgio (the Fossil Museum), Ticino is home to many other tourist attractions. There are numerous restaurants and grottos around Lake Maggiore where you can linger for as long as you like. Hotels in Ticino offer everything from simple to five-star accommodation and there is something to suit all tastes. Cool off on a hot day and bathe (or even dive) in the river Maggia – with over 58 kilometres it is Canton Ticino’s longest river. Our surrounding mountains and the many branched side valleys are perfect for a range of leisure activities such as rock climbing, biking, walking and hiking. Ticino’s most renowned cities, Ascona, Bellinzona, Locarno and Lugano, host a wide range of cultural events including theatre, concerts, festivals and open-air cinema – some of which have great international appeal and participation. Ticino is always worth a visit – after all, our motto is: Ticino, naturally.

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Tenero Look at the map
by Camping Tamaro Resort
Hotel Rotonda
Classified by gastro suisse
Gordola Look at the map
Via San Gottardo 117
Astano Look at the map
Via Domenico Trezzini 10
Comologno Look at the map
In di Strecc
Hotel Garni Du Lac
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Locarno Look at the map
Via Ramogna 3
H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno
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Locarno Look at the map
Lungolago Giuseppe Motta 12
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